Recent events have led to confusion amongst visitors to Sub Zero Cleveleys Ltd, so we would like to clarify a number of points with the following statement.

At this time Sub Zero Cleveleys Ltd is not trading from the Jubilee Retail Park site due to an on-going dispute with a company who are trading under our brand name. We urge visitors to bear this in mind when choosing a venue to skate in as we would not wish anyone to visit the venue under false pretences.

Sub Zero Cleveleys Ltd cannot be responsible for any injuries or accidents which occur during this time as we are not in control of the building.
We would also like state that Sub Zero Cleveleys Ltd is in no way in liquidation at this time.

We can still receive emails so if anyone needs to contact us this can be done through

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal customers, your support is appreciated.